Spring coronet group photo

Spring Coronet 2011

If you are, or were, a member of the populace, please add your name and years of residence to this list.

Warrior's Gate Home

Current Residents Edit

Lord Bang Bang

Lady Cascata Nerina Bjornsdottor

Lady Isabeau Bernac ('09-present)


Lord Robert Hunteman ('92-'93, '09-present)

Lady Thomasina De Buckley

Lady Katherine Nox

Past Residents Edit

Lord Haldan Shieldwrecker of Warrior's Gate

Lord Jacob

Mistress Morgan Rowanwaif

Lord Njall Hammerskald

Lord Wei Mei Liang

Lord Earik MacSkellie (1988-89)

Lord Islef Brimstone (1988-90?)

Baron Simon (2010-2011)

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