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パラティン女男爵: 安倍明子 (あべあきらけいこ)

副男爵: 井伊三郎勝盛 (いいさぶろうかつもり)


安倍明子は学会四十四年の極西芸術決戦トーナメントを勝って井伊勝盛とともに極西守になった。会内に他の会名がAine Sindradottir(アニャ・シンドラダチル)も使う事だ。時代音楽や楽器、日本史・文化、料理、踊ることなど興味がある。アトランチア王国のポンテ・アルト男爵領(「高橋」と言う領)にSCAをはじめて、学会四十一年に真珠の社会(アトランチアのGOA位の芸術会)に入会された。今、井伊と共にゴルデン・プレーン郡(金原郡)に住んでいる。

井伊藤原三郎勝盛は又E. Godric Logan(イー・ゴドリク・ロガン)と言う会名も使う。日本史の全体、イギリスの16世紀、武道史、前17世紀東西関係と共に色々なことに興味が有る。学会三十年ウェスト王国のウィンターズ・ゲート男爵領(「冬ノ門」と言う意味)にSCAを始めて、学会三十八年に真珠の社会にも入会された。


パラティン男爵様は毎年二回の秋や春のコロネット決戦トーナメントで選べる。トーナメントは甲冑と芸術の決戦が交互に起こる。新男爵が先の男爵を飛海豚の社会 に入会させる。


June 1987 Alwyn Stewart and Rhiannon verch Llewwellyn ap Siral -- Founding Baron and Baroness
September 1987 Trude Lacklandia and Wolfric Stongbow
February 1988 Jehan de la Marche and Megan the Courtesan
July 1988 Derek MacTaggart (no Baroness)
February 1989 Sebastian Mabille and Eleanor Mabille
August 1989 Olaf Kettelson and Cerridwen ni Morna
(Spring 1990?) (?)
August 1990 Ulrich Aighaird and Ariel de Chantre
February 1991 Eric Hardradi and Chryse Raptes
August 1991 Edward of Effingham and Marixsa of Crawfordmuir
February 1992 Havork Kinslayer and Cynesige of Caernarfon
September 1992 Daffyd Gwendolyn MacChattan and Ian MacChattan
March 1993 Johann Bohrer von Elsass and Duvessa MacSweeney of Cork
October 1993 Christoforo Alfanso Pallavincino da Firenze and Marixsa of Crawfordmuir
June 1994 Marie da Sena da Estrela and Robert de Fecamp
(Fall 1995?) (?)
April 1995 Gundolphus Vestator and Rhiannon verch Llywelyn
October 1995 Fernando de Santiago and Caryse verch Rhiannon
June 1996 Gormlaith Gillian O'Leary and Alfreido Lorenzo Martinni de Genova
November 1996 Gafstan Garret and Ama Ryah tiap Illys de Visclo
(Spring 1997?) Aodhnait inghean mhic Chárthaigh and Erich Rotbart
(Fall 1997?) Toshio and Siobhan
April 4, 1998 Cassiopeia Cayenne and Owen ap Morgan
(In August Owen resigned as he had to leave the Barony)
October 1998 Havelock MacLellan and (? -- mundane name Sarah Shuss-Swafford)
April 1999 Brigit (?) and Forgal Kerstetter
October 1999 Gabren of Battle Rock and Grainne Lindsay (Registered as Moira Lindsay)
(Spring 2000?) (?)
April 2000 Gabren of Battle Rock and Grainne Lindsay (Registered as Moira Lindsay)
October 2000 Rainald Knutsson and Annalise Lothridge
April 2001 Morgan Rowanwaif and Wei Mei Liang
October 2001 (By request of the King) Morgan Rowanwaif and Wei Mei Liang
April 2002 Cynesige of Caernavon and Bernard the Nameless
October 2002 Guy le Strange and Kirstin inn Tasalda
April 2003 Fiona Wiggins and Antonio de la Rosa
October 2003 Johannes von Grufenberg and Branwen Ballard
May 2004 Bernadette de Costa Tempestad and Phtuule de Costa Tempestad
October 2004 Guy le Strange and Katya Wanderer
May 2005 Ysabelle d'Angiers and Stephan the Piper (Stephan Tot)
October 2005 Conrad and Sarah
April 2006 Ysabelle d'Angiers and Stephan Tot
October 2006 Jak de Graeme and Marguerite Katherine DeRossir
April 2007 Katherine d'Aquitaine and Thierry DerWarden
October 2007 Vail Visconti and Marixsa of Crawfordmuir
April 2008 Katherine d'Aquitaine and Noe the Saxon
November 2008 Vail Visconti and Marixsa of Crawfordmuir
May 2009 Katherine d'Aquitaine and Rothri de Ross
November 2009

Vail Visconti and Marixsa of Crawfordmuir

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