An Award of Arms is the first level of "armigerous" award. (It confers the right to bear arms.) It is given usually for service or other significant contribution to the well-being of the Kingdom or Barony, usually at the local level. There is no token given.

Awards of Arms are typically given only by the Crown, but the Coronet of the Far West has long been granted special dispensation to give Awards of Arms within the Palatine Barony.

List of AoAs previously awarded to Far WesternersEdit

This table is a sortable list of Far Western armigers who received an AoA from outside the Far West prior to moving to the Far West.

Armiger Date


Awarded by
Abe no Akirakeiko 2003-02-22 Atlantia
Ii Saburou Katsumori 1997-10-11 West
Katherine d'Aquitaine 1996-03-09 Middle
Klement St. Christoph 1985-08-24 West
Marixsa of Crawfordsmuir 1976-05-29 Middle
Njall Thorwaldson Hamarskalde 1996-09-08 Middle
Saito Takauji 2005-06-04 Outlands
Thomasina de Buckley 2009-04-26 An Tir
Wilhelm Meis 2004-07-24 Calontir

List of AoAs awarded by the Coronet of the Far WestEdit

This table is a sortable list of armigers who received an AoA from the Coronet of the Far West.

Armiger Date


Awarded by
William Featherstone 2004-10-?? Guy and Catya
Vail the Wutendes Heer 2004-10-?? Guy and Catya
Stephan the Piper 2004-10-?? Guy and Catya
Isabelle d' Angiers 2004-10-?? Guy and Catya
Baldwin of Aachen 2004-10-?? Bernadette and Phtuule
Geoffrey le Bech 2004-10-?? Bernadette and Phtuule
Reagan of Clan Campbell 2004-10-?? Bernadette and Phtuule
Phelan of Clan Campbell 2004-10-?? Bernadette and Phtuule
Dennis Darkhelm 2005-07-?? Ysabelle and Stephan
Gustav of the Far West 2005-08-15 Thorfinn and Geirdis
Chabi Unegen 2005-08-15 Thorfinn and Geirdis
Rothri de Ross 2006-05-?? Ysabelle and Stephan
Karina of Warriors Gate 2006-05-?? Ysabelle and Stephan
Jak Graeme 2006-05-?? Ysabelle and Stephan
Midori Fujiwara 2007-08-02 Jak and Marguerite
Edric of Lancashire 2007-08-02 Jak and Marguerite
Adela de Lille 2007-08-02 Jak and Marguerite
Wulf Strumere 2007-08-02 Jak and Marguerite
Sophia Strumere 2007-08-02 Jak and Marguerite
Fadi al-Qahar ibn Aziz 2007-08-02 Jak and Marguerite
Hakima al-Zahra'bint Ibrahim al-Walid 2007-08-02 Jak and Marguerite
Larian LeQuella 2007-08-02 Jak and Marguerite
Tyler 2007-10-?? Katherine and Thiebault
Kage Tatsu 2008-05-?? Vail and Marixsa
Fabian Silverhawk 2009-10-24 Katherine and Rothri
Phoenix Bravecat 2009-10-24 Katherine and Rothri
Warris of the Far West 2009-10-24 Katherine and Rothri
Otto Spilman 2010-04-03 Vail and Marixsa
Flavious Artorius Gladius 2010-06-19 Abe and Ii
Yohan Wulf 2010-06-19 Abe and Ii
Grimr Korni 2010-06-19 Abe and Ii
Aodhan mac Robert of Rome 2010-10-09 Abe and Ii
"Black" Harry Adams 2010-10-09 Abe and Ii
Cascata Nerina Bjornsdottir 2010-10-09 Abe and Ii
Adam de Ansætleh 2010-10-09 Abe and Ii
Isabeau Bernac 2010-10-09 Abe and Ii
Jacob Vondern Rhienland 2010-10-09 Abe and Ii
Jorunn Svarthaar 2010-10-09 Abe and Ii
Kim Jae Min 2010-10-09 Abe and Ii
Pipa Follywolle 2010-10-09 Abe and Ii
Robert Huntermann 2010-10-09 Abe and Ii
Bjorn Olfus (AKA Turtious) 2010-10-09 Abe and Ii
Dread Faldimore 2010-12-26 Turtious and Tatiana
Chrysanthos of Thebes 2011-03-26 Turtious and Tatiana
Willem Troch de L'isle 2011-03-26 Turtious and Tatiana
Johanna of Battle Rock (AKA Þórunn inn írski) 2011-06-18 Otto and Katherine
Patroclus Menedeius 2011-06-18 Otto and Katherine
William Wainwright 2011-06-18 Otto and Katherine
Stang of Golden Playne 2011-06-18 Otto and Katherine
Hunter of Warrior's Gate 2012-06-16 Jak and Thomasina
Isolde Beaufor 2012-09-29 Jak and Thomasina
Marda of Vale de Draco 2012-09-29 Jak and Thomasina
Godfrey le Strange de Northwode 2012-09-29 Jak and Thomasina
Aibhilin inghean mhic Uibhilin 2012-09-29 Jak and Thomasina
Skalla-Grimmr Gormsson 2012-09-29 Jak and Thomasina
Guttorm Ragnvaldrsen 2012-09-29 Jak and Thomasina

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